A DREAM come true

I Patrusi is a brand created by Alessandro Fiamingo who changed his life to follow his biggest dream: making his own organic extra virgin olive oil.
So, after fifteen years working in the best restaurants of Switzerland, Alessandro decided to return to Italy, to the ancient olive groves that belonged to his grandfather Nicola and set up a modern producing facility giving birth to “I Patrusi”.


The three varieties of “I Patrusi”

The extra virgin olive oil “I Patrusi” is obtained exclusively from olives coming from Alessandro Fiamingo’s own olive groves.

With the precious help of his loving father Celestino, Alessandro takes care of every single tree of his estate. The oil is mainly produced exclusively by milling the typical local olives and distributed in the best Restaurants throughout Europe.

The “Ottobratico” is a monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained exclusively with the Ottobratica olive kind.

The “Orgoglio is a precious blended Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained with Ciciarello and Ottobratica olives kinds.

The “Opera” is a precious blended Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained with Ciciarello, Roggianella and Picholine olives kinds.

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Our passion...our Olive oil

Alessandro Fiamingo is constantly and passionately dedicated to his olive groves. He personally takes care of all the production stages, from the harvesting to the milling of the olives up to the bottling of the oil. As an expert in the field of high quality olive oil, Alessandro keeps his partnerships with many important European restaurants owners, organizing for them special tastings sessions, with the goal of spreading the culture of the king of the Mediterranean Cuisine.


Our Land, our Identity

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`` I Patrusi `` Company

Come and visit us, discover the beautiful peculiarities of our beloved Land, join in the tasting sessions that Alessandro will arrange for you. Enjoy our wonderful oil as well as our good company!

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